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Rie Nakajima is a a sculptor living in London. She creates sounds indoor or outdoor spaces using combination of motorised devices and daily objects. It can be installation or performance. Fusing sculpture and sound, her artistic practice is open to chance and the influence of others.
Her first major solo exhibition was held at IKON Gallery in Birmingham in 2018. She has also worked with Museo Vostell Malpartida (Cáceres), Association de Le Cyclop (Milly la Forêt), ShugoArts (Tokyo), Donaueschinger Music Festival (Donaueschinger), and Cafe OTO (London). Her collaborators are Pierre Berthet, David Cunningham, Keiko Yamamoto, miki yui, hans.w.koch, Marie Roux, Billy Steiger, David Toop and Akira Sakata.



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Solo Exhibitions:

2022 'Flat', Void+, Tokyo

2022 'In Sounds, In Places', La Chaufferie, Strasbourg

2020 'See-Saw', Labor Neunzehn, Berlin

2019 'Stepping', STUK, Leuven

2018 'Cyclic', Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

2017 'Paging', Breakthrough Book Gallery, Hong Kong

2016 'Throw', Borealis Music Festival, Lydgalleriet, Bergen

2015 'becoming sounds', ShugoArts Weekend Gallery, Tokyo

2015 'Leave', Karin Weber Gallery, Around Sound Festival, Sound Pocket, Hong Kong

2014 'Fall', noshowspace, London

2010 'I Can Hear It', Soundfjord, London

2010 'pun∼q'', Quare, London

2009 'Unwind', Void+, Tokyo



Selected Group Shows:

2023 ‘Donaueschinger Music Tage 2023’, with Pierre Berthet, Donaueschingen

2023 ‘The Sound’, Monheim Triennale II, Monheim am Rhein

2023 ‘Murmures En Fractales, Des Récits Qui Nous Accompagnent…’ with Pierre Berthet Le Cyclop, Milly la Forêt

2023 'Drums Listens to Heart', The Wattis, San Francisco

2022 ‘Three Days: Haruko Nakajima & Rie Nakajima’, Yanaka Idaten, Tokyo

2022 ‘Everywhere Gather Yourself Stand’, Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo

2022 ‘Sonic Garden’, French School of Athens, Athens

2022 'Hear Here: Walk along sound art', Leuven

2021 'Listening to the Anthropocene', Coventry Biennial, Coventry

2021 'Klang Moor Festival', Gais

2021 'Polyphony', Kunstsammlung Gera Orangerie & Museum Für Angewandte Kunst, Gera

2020 'Klangkünste - drei Positionen an den Rändern eines weiten Feldes', Kunsthaus Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden

2019 'Big Orchestra', Schirn, Frankfurt

2019 'Persisting Realities', Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Bethanien, Berlin

2016 'What Are We Building Down There?' Bucharest Biennale, Bucharest

2014 'No Music Was Playing', Instants Chavirés, Montreuil

2013 'The Silence Between', Paul Stolper Gallery, London

2009 'Zen und Konkret', Quilow



Selected Performances:

2023 ‘Akira Sakata + Pierre Berthet + Rie Nakajima’, Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo, Tokyo

2023 ‘Kazuko Miyamoto Exhibition’, Museo Madre, Napoli (solo)

2023 ‘Phill Niblock + Thurston Moor + Rie Nakajima’, Cafe OTO, London

2023 ‘O YAMA O GALO release’, O YAMA O, Cafe OTO, London

2022 ‘Maggie Nichols Residency’, Cafe OTO, London

2022 ‘Next Festival’, Bratislava

2022 ‘The Wire 40: The Tao Of AMM x The Essence Of SME’, Cafe OTO,      London

2022 'Dead Plants & Living Objects', Villa Stuck, Munich

2019 'O YAMA O', Festival Novas Frequências, Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

2019 'dara dara by David Toop + Akio Suzuki + Aki Onda + Rie Nakajima', Oscillation Festival, Recyclart, Brussels

2019 'O YAMA O with David Cunningham', BBC Late Junction Festival, EartH, London

2019 'Akira Sakata x Rie Nakajima Live Performance', Hara Museum, Tokyo

2017 'Dead Plants & Living Objects by Rie Nakajima & Pierre Berthet', Meakusma Festival, Eupen

2016 'Saturday Live : Low', Serpentine Gallery, London (solo)

2016 'BMW Tate Live:Tarek Atoui The Reverse Collection', Tate Modern, London

2016 'On the Edge: Young on Sylvian – Skrap – Rowe/Toop/Davies/Nakajima/ Durrant', Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

2015 'Performance Nacht, Zero', Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin (solo)

2015 'Christian Marclay', White Cub