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Ilia Rogatchevski, O YAMA O interview : Art of Falling Apart, originally published on The Wire 473,
6 June 2023


Geoff Winston, Phill Niblock, Rie Nakajima and Thurston Moore at Cafe Oto, London Jazz News,
13 May 2023


Peter Tracy, Rie Nakajima/Takahiro Kawaguchi ~ Utsuho, a closer listen,
13 May 2023


Gianmarco Del Re, Next Festival Review, a closer listen,
19 March 2023


Visiting Practitioner : Rie Nakajima, a lecture at LCC, 26 January 2023


Nick Klein, Room to Pause: First-Hand Impressions from Seanaps Festival 2020, 10.11.2020


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David Toop, a distributed conglomerate instrument, A Sinister Resonance, 14 September 2017


金子智太郎 (Tomotaro Kaneko), 「音の展開」, Art Scape, 15 March 2017


Geoff Winston, Rie Nakajima and Elliott Sharp at White Cube, London Jazz News,
24 February 2015


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Geoff Winston, David Toop and Rie Nakajima: Sculpture 3 at Central Saint Martins, London Jazz News,
03 April 2014


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